Learn how to access all the medical resources that a major city provides.


New York City is one of the safest large cities in the United States (it’s no longer the city of the 1980’s). The sheer size of the population means that your student will nearly always be around other people. 虽然城市里总会有一些犯罪活动, 我们曼哈顿下城的犯罪率一直很低. The campus and student housing are only accessible through front desk security, 这就保证了只有学生, 工作人员, 他们的客人可以进入.



The 紧急行动计划 is designed to inform and prepare members of the College with procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency. The elements of this plan are designed to effectively protect your health and safety by establishing the structure, 流程, 以及学院应对重大突发事件的规程.




If you have some concern or have witnessed some incident involving a student or 工作人员 or 教师 member of The King’s College, please fill out an incident report form to submit it to the Office of mg摆脱电子游戏.


The King’s College is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination based upon sex, 包括不当性行为和性侵犯, 学院为学生提供支持和资源, 教师, 和员工解决问题.


在美国182个人口超过100人的城市中,000, the FBI ranked criminality in New York as low as 136–or the same level as Boise, 爱达荷州. The King’s College seeks to protect students by keeping them informed concerning offenses and violations that happen on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood.


The King’s College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment on campus and in student housing. 为此目的, the College conducts regular reviews of all safety policies and procedures, 收集所有上报的犯罪和火灾信息. 以下报告向我们的社区通报了这些政策, 紧急应变程序, 还有过去三年的犯罪和火灾数据. This report conforms to the requirements outlined by the Jeanne Cleary Act of 1998. If you have any questions about this report or any of its content contact the VP for Student Development, 大卫·利迪(或宿舍生活助理主任莱蒂西亚·莫斯奎达(




We encourage students to secure health insurance in order to prevent unnecessary distraction and financial burden in the event of a medical emergency during their studies. Students are encouraged (although not required) to include health insurance information, 包括提供者的名称和保险号码, 请在“紧急联系信息”表格上填写. They are prompted to complete the Emergency 联系信息 form on the 学生门户 每学期之前.

If a student has been covered under his or her parents’ policy prior to enrolling at King’s, 他或她应该检查一下保险是否仍然适用. Group health plans often do not cover full-time student dependents once they have reached a specific age or once they are married. In addition, students who have declared financial independence for financial aid may not be covered. 我们敦促那些被HMO覆盖的学生, PPO, 或类似的计划,以确定可用的覆盖范围.Students who do not have health insurance through a parent or guardian can secure health insurance through the 纽约州健康计划市场.


The King’s College is pleased to partner with 及时的医学博士 to bring telemedicine healthcare services to students. 这些资源通过移动设备全天候提供, 平板电脑, 和笔记本设备通过电话的方式, 视频聊天, 或者在线问卷. 通过 及时的医学博士, students can access immediate virtual appointments with a doctor for a consultation or triage. The doctors can prescribe antibiotic prescriptions and will refer students to in-person doctor visits if necessary.

除了医疗服务, 及时医学博士提供全天候的心理健康资源,如远程咨询. 我们鼓励学生也利用我们的校园 咨询中心. 然而, 及时的医学博士 provides immediate availability at all hours of the day or night for one-off sessions. If you have further questions about the College’s free counseling resources contact the Director of 咨询 Services at

每学期,及时MD服务的费用为95美元. All students will be enrolled in the service and a health fee charge will be placed on the student’s account.


King’s students could potentially lose TimelyMD services this semester. 如果你需要
medical or counseling services, please review the alternatives listed below. 和往常一样,请
call the King’s Emergency Phone at 646-242-4411 to report any incident or if you are in need
寻求学生发展团队的帮助或建议. (如果有问题,请先拨911


复古的健身 at One New York Plaza and Whitehall Street offers a Core Annual Membership at a discounted rate of $20.83美元/月,所有mg摆脱电子游戏的学生都免收注册费, 教师, 还有员工和家人. 这座占地1.7万平方英尺的建筑距离百老汇56号只有几步之遥.

地球健康 它位于百老汇25号,离学校只有一个街区. 地球健康 offers month-to-month memberships for only $10/month with a one-time start-up fee and a membership fee (no annual contracts, 随时取消).

City Point Residence还为居民提供了一个建筑内的健身房.


咨询中心提供一个安全的, 保密, nonjudgmental setting where students can work through personal concerns, 获得自我意识, 制定实现个人目标的策略.


Suicide prevention: If the situation is life threatening, call 911 immediately.



  • 纽约:888.NYCWELL (888-692-9355)
  • 全国预防自杀生命线:800.273.聊天(8255)
  • 同伴聆听热线:800.399.同行(7337)
  • 撒玛利亚人:(212)673-3000
  • 危机短信热线:在美国任何地方发送“HOME”到741741

看到 新型冠状病毒肺炎健康培训页面 for guidelines on staying safe on campus, at home, and around the city during the pandemic.


The King’s College prioritizes the health and safety of our community while providing students with an outstanding education delivered by our world-class 教师. We continue to offer modified in-person classes during the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic. The 新型冠状病毒肺炎信息中心 is your one-stop-shop for details on how King’s is continuing its work amidst the pandemic.